1. Why would you want to choose Stamford Language and Communication as your language service provider/partner?

Our unique advantage is to keep the “absolute quality over absolute price” for our core services given

  1.  our unique positioning locally,
  2. exclusive access to the top interpreters circle,
  3. cost savings through the most advanced technologies and
  4. a decade of industry expertise on all equipment configurations.

The details of how we maintain achieve our advantage against our competitors are elaborated in Question 2.

2. How do we achieve “Absolute Quality and Absolute Price”?

A: We have been maintaining our high-quality service through

  • Access to our extensive top interpreter network
  • Screening process based entirely on peer referrals and peer review, rather than CVs or phone tests (which is an unfavorable practice among top interpreters)

B: With more than two decades of experience in the remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) equipment market, we are the best at keeping your cost down by

  • Involving consultant interpreter(s) only , which is the most efficient way to reduce management/coordination overheads
  • Adjusting the set-up configuration to achieve the optimal cost proposal, while ensuring the interpreters would be able to use it with ease.
  • Developing Stamford’s own smartphone based SI receiver, an industry-leading technology to significantly reduce the equipment rental cost and completely eliminate the issue of receiver loss/damage at any events.

3. What is the usual procedure to engage a language partner to achieve the most satisfactory interpreting service for your event?

Before discussing about the cost, we would like to know more about your event, from theme and topics, venue, date, meetings to general language requirements before we can better advise you on the interpreter team, equipment setting and cost accordingly. A successful event language service in the making is much more than merely a cost estimation.